We Have Weathered The Storm

Less than two years after enactment, The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations[1] are a dismal failure that, rather than allow for an industry to be available when the switch was flipped on legalization (as was promised[2]), merely enabled a small handful of connected players[3] to profit off an industry kept on life support for as long as possible. Other than killing off the smaller potential competitors[4], and diluting the amount of genetics available overall, The only measurable change has been the increase in arrests[5] and resulting jail sentences for medical cannabis users.

On February 24th, 2016, the MMPR was declared to have never been of any force or effect[6]. The ramifications of this are broader than anyone realizes: As there is no longer any remedy for R. v. Parker[7], 2010 5762 CanLII (ON CA), Marijuana is no longer criminalized. Even more interestingly, as MMPR is what created "Licensed Producers", those companies no longer have a legal basis for their operation.

With the election of Justin Trudeau, and the intent of the majority government to legalize cannabis in Canada (within the next 12 months![8]), join us as we enter a new frontier in the Canadian cannabis industry.



Marijuana is Decriminalized! Shut up and take my money!


Did you know that nothing on the open internet is secure right now?

It's been a year and a half since Heartbleed, and yet everyone is still relying on known-backdoored[7] encryption.

There is actual[8] encryption[9] available, but almost nobody is using it.

That means the lock icon in your browser

Is lying to you

Your bank is using broken encryption.

Your government is using broken encryption.


Marijuana will be legal sooner than anyone thinks, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't guarantee our customers' safety.

Let's show these people how this can be done.

If you live in Winnipeg, and you can follow three steps, we would like to sell you Marijuana.


Step One: Come Back With a Better Browser:

Red Onion


If you're stuck with an iDevice, you're stuck paying money ($1) for security. If you're cheap, try your luck with VPN Browser, but don't blame us if your device gets an STI.



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   Tor Browser


"If I were still alive, I'd be using Tor"

Mahatma Gandhi

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